‘like everything else’ is a solo project by Jonathan Morton. He mixes acoustic, classical and electric guitar with samples, beats and synths in an attempt to meld all his different musical influences into one little 4min package…

Jonathan was born in London in 1979 and began playing the piano when he was 5, initially taught by his mother (a primary school teacher and musician). He started learning the French Horn when about 12 and played in local orchestras and wind quintets for a number of years. After tours of the U.K and Europe, he quit when he was 18 to concentrate on non-classical music. He then played bass guitar in a number of indie, punk, funk and jazz bands while at university and during his time living in Eastern Europe. By the time he moved back to London in 2004 he had decided to concentrate purely on his solo work, which had been an ongoing, though private, project for many years.

He is signed to Broken Electric Records and his debut album, called ‘unravel’ is out in June 2009. The album was recorded in five days at Pinna Studios in London in the autumn of 2008.  As its title suggests, it traces an unravelling both emotionally and sonically, beginning with a purely synthesised track and ending with a solo guitar, first-take song (with no overdubs) entitled ‘We still hide’. There is then a slight break and the final three tracks are grouped together under the heading ‘PCL-R’ (after the psycho-diagnostic tool most commonly used to assess psychopathy). These songs explore much darker territory and examine the potential for a serial killer mentality to arise from an unravelled and scarred psychological state.

He also loves taking photos with his dad’s old Canon FTb camera. Some of these photos can be seen on this site and on his new album. 

He can be contacted at: likeeverythingelse@gmail.com